Welcome to the Nipomo Newcomers' Club!

We are a social and recreational group formed in 1999. Our goal is to bring people together for the purpose of exploring new friendships and participating in a wealth of activities. Our activities are designed to ensure all our members have ample opportunity to become involved and enjoy life in this beautiful area.

Our activities include everything from bridge, to hiking and walking. There are outings, events, and games for ladies, men, couples, and singles. You must be a member to participate in our activities but you may attend up to three times before joining.

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We welcome recent arrivals as well as those who have been enjoying the area for some time, and now feel the need to cultivate new friendships and explore different interests.

You Have Questions?
Please email Suzanne Miller, our President.

Save the Date

Annual Picnic
Your $10 check for the picnic lunch is due by August 15th. Guests are welcome but the price for non-members is $16. Why the difference? The $6 is subsidized by the Club from your dues. Please see page 2 of this newsletter for more infor-mation. Hope to see everyone at the Blacklake Community Room on August 27th!